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The 2023 member meeting will be held at 2pm on 7th October 2023 at the Victory Services Club, 63-79 Seymour St, Tyburnia, London W2 2HF. More details are on the "Meetings" page.

We are pleased to announce that a large number of Trevor Hearl's articles can now be read from the "About St Helena" section of the website. Alternatively, they can be accessed HERE


The Friends of St Helena is a charity founded in March 1988 and has two aims:

To provide information about St Helena, including its history, culture, environment and current affairs and to provide practical support to the St Helenian community.

  • In recent years our AGMs have been held in October each year at the Victory Services Club, Marble Arch, London. At the meetings, we invite speakers on a range of subjects relevant to St Helena and we also show films.
  • We publish The St Helena Connection, a news magazine twice a year and Wirebird relating to the island's history once a year.
  • We also publish social-historical books under our Wirebird imprint which are available at a reduced price to members.
  • We have supported local projects such as the development the Museum of St Helena in Jamestown, and we expect soon to engage in a major funding exercise for the proposed St Helena Cultural Centre, both in conjunction with the St Helena Heritage Society.
St Helena Connection


  • Published twice yearly
  • Sent free to members
  • Published since 2006
  • The official news magazine of the Friends of St Helena
  • Members have access to an archive of editions online


  • Annually available
  • Sent free to members
  • Published since 1990
  • The history journal of Friends of St Helena
  • Members have access to an archive of editions online

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If you have an interest in St Helena's history, culture or spectacular natural history why not join us to find out more about these topics, meet others with similar interests and get involved with helping to promote the Society's activities.

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